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Banned Books Week UK is a nationwide campaign for radical readers and rebellious writers of all ages to celebrate the freedom to read. Between 22 – 28 September 2019, bookshops, libraries, schools, literary festivals and publishers will be hosting events and making noise about some of the most sordid, subversive, sensational and taboo-busting books around. Use this website to find an event near you, get involved, download resource packs and more.

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“There is no idea more dangerous than the idea that some ideas are too dangerous to encounter.

There are books I deplore as foolish, hateful or simply very, very poor — but I recognise that the power to suppress books is much more likely to be used against the books I admire (books that challenge power, orthodoxy and the establishment) than the books that offend me, which tend to be bootlicking texts celebrating the divine right of kings, bankers and other unsavoury types.”

– Cory Doctorow

“Books are our records of history, mindset and desires at any given moment in time.

They are our guide to how far we have come and how far we still need to go. That knowledge is essential to our collective progress.”

– Samra Habib

““When I saw the project I thought it included ‘silenced, banned, prosecuted, attacked…. books’

in the broadest sense, and it means a lot to me to see my novel included in this great and powerful campaign.”

– Elif Shafak

“All we are is stories – those we read and those we tell.

The freedom to read and write is the freedom to be yourself. No matter who you are.”

– Damian Barr